To take a gap-year or not to take a gap-year?

Thinking of applying to medical school? If so, buckle up because this path is quite the rollercoaster.


I am currently in the process of applying to medical school and let me tell you, it is terrifying. The stress and pressure of all of the necessary requirements really hits you a couple of months before starting the application.
This is a learning process, especially for me because I am in the midst of it all. You can apply to medical school anytime after your junior year of college. Some people decide to take a gap year after their undergraduate degree, others like to jump right in!
What’s better? I have heard many different opinions on this. Some say you should take a gap year to get real-life experience before you become a doctor. Others say it doesn’t necessarily matter.
In general, the majority of admissions counselors that I have talked to have encouraged taking a gap year to get real-life working experience, do research, get a masters, and/or volunteer abroad (my favorite option). Of course, this is not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of situation. Everyone is different and that is what’s so special about this process. What works for your might not work for me or vice versa.

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