Paris, the city of lights

Why do they call Paris the ‘city of lights’? Good question.

I never actually thought about it, until I set foot in Paris. I have always thought it has this ‘nickname’ because of literally all of the lights in the city plus the shining Eiffel Tower. In doing some research, there was a general consensus that its called the ‘city of lights’ because it was one of the first European cities to adopt street gas lighting. Interesting, huh? It also played a major role during the Age of Enlightenment.

Upon arrival in Paris, I was starstruck. I was captivated by its populous streets, diverse inhabitants and of course, its food.  Oh, and did I mention macaroons? We landed in Orly airport from Barcelona (you can find super cheap airfare tickets using Ryanair or Vueling) and had to take a bus to get to the city of Paris. Luckily, our cousins live in Paris and so we got to not only be tourists, but also Parisians (yes, that is a word).  Continue reading