Madrid, oh Madrid

Imagine visiting a city that is filled with elegant streets, beautiful parks, great food and a diverse mix of people from all over the world. One word. Madrid.

Madrid, the capital of Spain (since the 17th century, I might add) and the third biggest city in the European Union, was one of the most beautiful cities I have visited.

Since I have been living in Andalusia (the southern part of Spain), I have gotten accustomed to hearing the Andalusian accent — a very thick accent where letters are mushed together and words sound like they have been cut in half. Contrary to those that live in Andalusia, people that live in Madrid do not have an accent and are much easier to understand.

Whether it’s spending the day in Puerta del Sol and walking through Plaza Mayor, visiting Bernabéu (even though I am a die-hard Barça fan) or visiting the Royal Palace, there is always something to do in Madrid. And, though I say this about all of the other places I have visited, pictures just don’t do this beauty justice. There is a special feeling about walking through Puerta del Sol. I don’t really know how to describe it, but it is wonderful. My favorite part about being in Madrid was visiting Kilómetro 0 – the center of SPAIN.

I normally don’t do this but I found a cool website that provides some cool facts about Madrid:

I hope you enjoy the photos below and as always, please reach out to be if you want more information about the specific places I visited, restaurants and suggestions.

♥ FH 



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