Tapas, say what?

Imagine the perfectly portioned appetizer delicious enough to satisfy the munchies yet so good as to even make you feel hungrier at times. Tapas. One of my favorite words in Spanish.

Tapas are small savory Spanish dishes that are often served with a drink at Spanish restaurants and bars. They can be eaten as an appetizer prior to a meal, a snack that goes great with a drink and/or an actual meal (S.O.S. many tapas are necessary if you plan on eating them as meal- which I have done). Hungry yet? Just wait till the end of the post where the pictures will make your stomach grumble. 

A common thing to do in Spain is to “tapear.” This basically means to go bar/restaurant hopping for drinks (that do not necessarily need to be alcoholic drinks, a Pepsi suffices) and tapas. I have slowly come to learn that tapas are actually an essential part of the Spanish culture and experience. Tapas are served either inside or outside of a bar, though typically, a tapas place will have an outdoor location for you to sit in.

So, where did tapas come from? 

There is not one exact right answer to this question as there are many different theories and ideas out there. But, some say they originated back in the 13th century and specifically in Andalucía and Sevilla, Spain . How cool is that, huh? Typically, it is said that agricultural and manual workers used to eat snacks (such as tapas) during their workdays so that they could last until the main meal of the day. Since then, tapas have spread all over Spain and are located in other countries, as well (fun fact: Lebanon even has a ‘Tapas’ bar that mimics the idea of tapas in Spain).

To order tapas, you usually order what beverage you want to drink and then go on to the Tapas menu. There are some restaurants that do not have a specific ‘Tapas menu’ and the tapas served are the chefs’ special of the day! You have the option of ordering many tapas at once (this is a smart method if you are very hungry – so I have learned) or you can order them at your own pace and the waiter/barman will run a tab for you, paid with the bill after you have eaten.

Though depending on the place, tapas are usually super cheap for what you are getting. So far, I have paid around 1.40€- 2.50€ for tapas. Depending on the portion size, it usually takes about 3-4 tapas for one eat them as a meal that adds up to about 7€ for your meal.  There is usually a deal with the drink you order. For example, if you order a drink, you get a plate of tapas all for 3€, and every other plate of tapas added on to the tab is ~1.50€ (or more, again depending on the place and how fancy it is).

Below you will find some pictures of the tapas that I have had. If you have any questions or recommendations about the tapas restaurants/bars, please feel free to message me and I will be more than happy to recommend specific restaurants that I have been to here in Almería.


This tapas plate consisted of a mini salad with fried chicken and a delicious sauce that tasted like mustard (but I am not sure what was in the sauce).


Also another tapas plate, these were like spring rolls just shaped differently and topped with a sweet sauce.


This was by far my favorite plate of tapas I have had in Spain. It is called: “Tosta de queso plancha y confitura de arándanos.” It is white cheese on toast with blueberry jam = HEAVEN. 

How delicious do they look? Let me tell you, they tasted even better than they looked! I hope you enjoyed reading about Tapas and don’t forget to send me a message with your questions, feedback, etc. Sending love and peace to you all! xx

♥ FH





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