Granada: the spectacular Moorish fortress


Prettiest view watching the sun set over Alhambra

Located in Andalusia, Spain and “at the foot of” the Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada is one of the most spectacular cities I have ever visited. It is most known the Alhambra (a Moorish palace and citadel) – which, too, is breathtakingly beautiful. This past weekend, I had the privilege of spending a day in Granada visiting Alhambra and Albaicín.

If you know me, you know I love my Lebanese-Arab culture and being so far away from my home in Lebanon and my family in America, I am going through Lebanese/Arab-culture withdrawals. However, visiting Granada made me feel so at-home. I heard Arabic in almost every street that I walked through AND I found restaurants that make SHAWARMA AND KNEFE. If you have ever tried authentic shawarma and authentic knefe, you will understand where I am coming from.

Aside from the food (although let’s be real, food is most important), Granada is rich in culture and beauty. Granada (what is known as Granada today) has been populated since at least 5500 BC and has been influenced by both Roman and Visigothic cultures. Albaicín, a province/district of Granada, retains the most beautiful and culturally-rich Medieval Moorish heritage.

Normally, I would go into more detail on the history of Granada and explain the sites, but I think the pictures here speak for themselves.

Sending much love to everyone reading this post, and any of my other posts!

♥ FH



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