Weekend in Barcelona

Barcelona, t’estimo (which means ‘i love you’ in Catalan).  How do you picture Barcelona? Breathtaking? Beautiful? Barcelona is not only breathtaking and beautiful, but it is as perfect as you would imagine.

Often times we forget how blessed we are because we get caught up in little things throughout our daily life. I consider myself very blessed and fortunate to be able to experience studying abroad and traveling almost every weekend. However, it doesn’t always click that I am actually doing what I had always dreamed of. The minute the bus made a right turn and entered central part of the city of Barcelona, it clicked. The city’s beauty overwhelmed me.

Not only was Barcelona wonderful, there was also an national Erasmus student event going on this past weekend. We went for 3 days and 2 nights. The ride from Almeria, Spain took 13 hours there and  13 hours back (counting, of course, the stops made at rest areas in towns like Alicante and Valencia). I know what you’re thinking, 26 hours on a bus?! To be quite honest, the hours passed by very quickly and were not nearly as bad as I expected- especially on the way there. While in Barcelona, we stayed at the Equity-Point Hostel in the Gothic Quarter (which is the old city of Barcelona). I recommend it because its cheap, clean (I am usually very picky at places I stay), and there’s WiFi (but, the WiFi is a tad slow and disconnects often – that shouldn’t matter though, you are in BARCELONA). The only reason you should be using your phone in Barcelona is to take pictures.

On Friday, there was an international flag parade for the national ESN event. Here, there were students from all over the world marching in a parade showing off their country’s flag. Of course, I was there representing my favorite country and my home, Lebanon. The weekend continued with city tours (Arc de Triomphe, Sagrada Familia, etc.), excursions and a little bit of a hike to the Bunkers de Can Baró where the view was to die for.

Below you will find pictures of the second prettiest city (right after Beirut, Lebanon), that I have ever seen & visited.

If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona and would like a more detailed information on accomodation, transportation, restaurants, etc. feel free to let me know! I would be more than happy to share everything with you all. Sending much love all the way from the heart of Almeria xx

♥ FH








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