Weekend in Cazorla

Picture this: camping and hiking in the rain (and snow at some point) on a unfamiliar mountain, in an unfamiliar place, with little inhabitants (who were also unfamiliar). To some, that might sound horrific, but to all of you adventurous souls out there, it sounds amazing. 

Last weekend, I got to camp with Erasmus students from all over Europe (not really camp as in sleep in tents, but camp as in we got to sleep in cabins) in Sierra de Cazorla, also located province of Jaén in the southern part of Spain.In the mountains towards the southern part of the settlement, lies the source of Spain’s second longest river known as Guadalquivir. The pictures will speak for themselves. A weekend filled with soaked Toms and Nikes, soaked North Face jackets, absolutely no warmth and no phone or internet service, was simply one of the best weekends I have had in Spain so far. Below you will find pictures of both the campsite and our hiking trail along the Guadalquivir River.

After a very tiring weekend of camping, we stopped in the historical town of Cazorla on our way home. It’s history dates all the way back for more than 2,000 years where it was originally called Carcacena under the Romans. Here we got to explore the outskirts of the Castillo de la Yedra and the cute-little town of Cazorla, with only three main squares (Plaza de Santa Maria, Plaza de la Constitución and Plaza de la Corredera).

Last but not least, if you are planning a trip to Cazorla or any camping/hiking site, be sure to check the weather prior to your trip, many times, and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS carry an umbrella + a rain jacket, trust me.

Remember, for any questions of details of where I stayed, how I got here, etc., shoot me a message and I will be more than happy to give details and suggestions.

♥ FH



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