First Week Adventures


The first week in Spain was probably one of the hardest weeks of my life. Why, you ask? Well, first and foremost, I was 4,005 miles away from home in a country that I knew absolutely no one. I had to figure out bus routes within the town, make sure my classes were all set, map out the area and make new friends, all within a matter of two days; talk about breaking out of your comfort zone.

Little did I know that when the tiny, jet-like Iberian airline plane landed in Almería, I will be embarking on what was going to be one of the best experiences life could ever throw my way. In just one short week, I have become familiar with the beautiful town of Almería, improved my Spanish by milestones and created my own little niche.

Below are some pictures of what my first week was like (scroll over each picture to see the caption). My first week abroad consisted of completing many logistical tasks, paperwork, course selections at the university and roaming around the town of Almería. Be sure to check out my ‘Cuisine in Spain’ page for details on the food here.

My first week abroad, though difficult, was a successful and fun-filled week. I met so many new people, those who have quickly become family to me. I think my favorite part about studying abroad is not only gaining native-Spanish friends, but also being to meet people from all over the world. One week abroad has taught me lessons that go deep beyond the meaning of just having to take care of myself or becoming familiar with public transportation. Day by day, I am learning more about who I am and who I am want to be.

♥ FH



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