White coat wardrobe


If you are half as passionate about going to medical school as I am, then you will understand my love for white coats.

Since I am still in the pre-medicine process, I will be focusing on what to wear when shadowing a doctor. You might not be able to wear a white coat, but your outfits can still be cute!

Typically, a business casual look is sought out for when shadowing in a clinical environment.  What does this mean? Well, your typical khaki pants and polo shirt will suffice. But, I prefer a chic look. Dress pants and blazers from Banana Republic are my go-to outfits. The key is to wear something that looks professional, clean and free of any graphics or words.

This differs for some hospital environments. In a hospital environment such as the ER, you usually want to stick with scrubs. I LOVE scrubs. Is that weird? Though not always flattering, they’re cute and make you feel like you are one step closer to being a medical professional. My favorite place to buy scrubs is from Cherokee Uniforms. They offer a variety of styles and sizes that are within reasonable price ranges.

♥ FH



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